90 Day Marketing Income Planner

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90 Day Marketing Income Planner

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How would you like to achieve your yearly blog goals this year? The best way of doing that is by chunking them down into size bite plans. For the best results, I suggest focusing on your goals 90-days at a time. 

90 days is long enough to work on projects and short enough that you can see the end of the tunnel. Blogging can be stressful and focusing on too many things won't get you the results you need. 

The 90-day Marketing Planner is designed to help bloggers craft a 90-day sales and promotion plan to sell their products, affiliate promos or services. 

The planner features one promotion type each month to help you overcome analysis paralysis and start selling. We want you to make more money each month with little to no stress. 

Using this 90-day marketing income planner, all you have to do is answer questions about what type of sales promotion you plan to run to make it into a profitable month. The supporting pages will then guide you through core ideas and what action you need to take to make serious money. 

By planning your promotional content, you will be making serious money in no time. 

Grab Your 90 Marketing Income Plan Right Now

Maximize your marketing efforts by taking the time to discover exactly what your business stands for and who you will be serving. 

This 30-page guide gives you the tools you need to determine who your ideal audience is, identify business opportunities, craft marketing strategies, and actionable goals to help your business grow. 

What's included in the marketing plan:

  • Goals and Objectives
  • Discount Sale Plan
  • Discount Sale Checklist
  • Discount Sale Affiliate Outreach
  • Discount Sale Social Media
  • Discount Sale Email Schedule
  • Customer Loyalty Sale Plan
  • Customer Loyalty Sale Checklist
  • Customer Loyalty Affiliate Outreach
  • Customer Loyalty Affiliate Emails
  • Customer Loyalty Email Schedule
  • Customer Loyalty Social Media
  • Bundle Sale Plan
  • Bundle Sale Checklist
  • Bundle Sale Affiliate Outreach
  • Bundle Sale Email Schedule
  • Bundle Sale Affiliate Emails
  • Bundle Sale Social Media
  • 90-Day Review

The marketing plan will kick-start your blog income by helping you implement strategies that work. 

Get it now before the price goes up. 

Accessing Your 90 Day Marketing Income Planner:

PLEASE NOTE: You will receive an INSTANT DOWNLOAD of this PDF planner, no physical copy will be shipped. The product will be available immediately after purchase through Gumroad. Please use a desktop or laptop to view, open, and download digital files.

It's an A4


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